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It's one thing to put flowers on a table, 

it's another to tell your story.

A Colorado based company

Imagine you and your partner have been preparing for months, the day is finally here. The rain has passed and the sun is peeking through.

The music starts and you take a deep breath, your heart flutters. You see all your favourite people turn towards you, gathering to celebrate you, the life you've lived, and the future waiting for you. 

The bouquet in your hands smells like heaven. The unique transformation of your venue invites you into the fairytale you've always imagined. 

3 - Erin-Brian-a-light-photography-denver-wedding434.JPG


Let us help you design your dreams. We will bring Your story to life.

My husband and I got married a week ago on August 26th and I just have to say, Janelle and her whole team created a fantasy world for our wedding day! From the arch to the vines in the chandeliers to our centerpieces and bouquets, A Design Resource helped make everything on our wedding day so magical.


I'm really glad I'm working with a preservationist for my bouquet because it really was a work of art! I absolutely loved visiting Janelle in her studio space and seeing all her creativity and enthusiasm for her work. Thank you for making our day so special and breathtaking!!!



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